Bource-Snikkenburg is a niche consultancy firm specialising in national and international social security and taxes relating to employees, and is recognised by the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers.

For over five years now, we (Léone Bource and Martijn Snikkenburg) have been combining the knowledge and experience gained while working for large consultancies firms with a personal level of service. The strategic use of ICT and other forms of support for the work not related to our core competencies allows us to continue to ensure that the service we provide really is personal. We are the ones who carry out the work.

For us, specialisation also involves coordination. Very often, the questions our clients have are not limited to just social security and taxes relating to employees and frequently involve VAT, corporate income tax or even employment law. Our many years of experience working for the Big Four mean that we are more than capable of collaborating with any other consultants selected by our clients, whether in the Netherlands or abroad. Alternatively, we can bring in one of the consultants from our personal network and with whom we have worked before. Working with our clients, we then evaluate and combine the advice they offer.

In the same way, we are often brought in by law firms and other consultanciy firms, located both here in the Netherlands and further afield, who make use of our specialist knowledge for the benefit of their clients.

In order to ensure that our technical knowledge remains completely up to date, our services extend beyond providing our clients with advice. We regularly undertake teaching work for organisations such as the Dutch Register of Tax Advisers and the Indicator publishing house, publish articles and books, and check articles for technical accuracy prior to publication for the SRA (the association of accountancy firms in the Netherlands).

Through our approach to our work, with short lines of communication and plenty of personal contact, as well as the quality we deliver, our clients now include organisations from all sectors of the market, ranging in size from SMEs to stock-exchange-listed multinationals and from municipalities to national government. If you would like to find out more about Bource-Snikkenburg, please do not hesitate to contact us.